Conserts and Eurythmy performance


Musical sharing, Free performances from different countries with the conference pianist. Please, take your own notes with you.
Evening concerts, Solos, ensembles, choir from all over the world, with the conference pianist (advanced singers; agreement in advance)


When one light another sparks– man´s double. Eurythmy performance in two parts from Ariel group. Music: Jean Sibelius, Arvo Pärt, Selim Palmgren, Kalevi Aho; Runot/Poems: Eino Leino, Sirkka Selja, Natalia Haarahiltunen; Eurythmists: Jenna Kirmanen, Janitta Koskinen, Jupe Larimo ja Anja Riska; Puhe: Markku Maula; Piano: Olli Hautala: Flute: Martta Jämsä; Light: Johannes Riska; Regi: Anja Riska