We welcome all singing friends from far and wide to the “International Singing Conference VI” in Sylvia-koti, Lahti!

The theme of the conference is “By the future sources of singing”, which takes with many strands roots in the anniversaries of 2019: 100 years Waldorfschool and the Social threefolding, 140 years since the birth of Mrs. Werbeck and 80 years since the death of Dr.med. Eugen Kolisko. These themes are sounding in many ways together in the conference. From this background we also direct the attention to the future by asking, where we can find the future sources of Werbeck-singing and of the school of uncovering the voice, and how we can deepen our relationship with them.

The key-lectures of the conference will be hold by the new person in charge of music in the Section for Performing Arts at the Goetheanum, pianist, eurythmist and author Johannes Greiner, who also belongs to the General Council of the Anthroposophical Society in Switzerland. He is going to speak about the question concerning the field of etheric life-forces, for which the struggle is becoming more and more significant in the future. He also will give a concert in the conference together with the Czech singer Alzbeta Hnilova.

Warmly welcome!