You are warmly welcome to the VII International Singing Conference in Helsinki next summer! This time, they will be celebrated in a marine athmosphere!

The inspiring theme of the conference is ”The Ethos of Singing”. It is based on the words of Valborg Werbeck-Svärdström, apprising that the singing has a special task and power to tuch and change the human being inwardly, which concerns the connection to life in all its forms. If singing is worth its name, it can be a manifestation of the ethical level of the human being, naturally including many relevant and challenging liminal and threshold experiences.

We are happy to be able to welcome two excellent main-lecturers to the conference! Dr. med. Michaela Glöckler is the former long-time head of the Medical Section in Goethenum, an anthroposophical pediatrian, globally published author and the chairwoman of Alliance Eliant, and Johannes Greiner is pianist, eurythmist, author and the responsible for music in the Section for Performing Arts in Goetheanum.

In the connection of the conference, we will also remember the 50th anniversary of the death of this Swedish singer, that was celebrated last year. Furthermore, this year 40 years have passed since the beginning of Christiaan Boele´s singing work in Finland and 33 years since the grounding of the singing school in Sylvia-koti by him.

We thank the foundation of Signe and Ane Gyllenberg for their support!