Johannes Greiner

Born 1975. Pianist, eurythmist, author, teacher, adult and teacher educator, since April 2018 responsible for music in the Section for Performing Arts in Goetheanum, member of the General Council of the Anthroposophical Society in Switzerland. He has published f. ex. following books in German: ”Es ist alles ganz anders – Beiträge zur Aktualität der Anthroposophie” (Hamburg 2015); ”Mensch, ich glaube an dich! Terrorismus – ein Erziehungsproblem?” (Hamburg 2017); ”Kunst verwandelt” (2018).

In his lectures, Johannes Greiner focuses on the origin, the modern situation and the future perspectives of music and singing. Accordingly, the theme of his first lecture is the divine origin of music and the singing human being as a bridge to the spiritual world. In his second lecture, he examines the hardening and renewing etheric impacts and the connection of the singing impulse with Christ, and in the third lecture, the future of the School of Uncovering the Voice and the influence of Maitreya.