Christiaan Boele

Born 1956 in Holland, studies in music (trumpet) in the conservatory and singing by Jürgen Schriefer and by Christa Waltjen, but also in the Folkswang-music college in Essen/Germany by Jakob Stämpfli. Singing teacher since 1978 with master classes, singing courses, lectures, workshops and private lessons f.ex. in USA, Canada, Taiwan, Thailand and in several European countries, like in Germany, Holland, Finland, in the Czech Republic, Hungary and Switzerland. Performing also as a singer and leading Werbeck Ensemble.

In the conference Christiaan Boele is going to give a lecture and to lead common singing exercises every morning. He also leads the conference choir and the free singing group, which is performing the light and tone therapy composition of Mrs. Werbeck. In addition, he is going to perform as a soloist in the evening concerts.