Thomas Adam

Born 1952 in Switzerland. Teacher studies, graduate studies in the Pedagogical Seminar in Goetheanum. Singing studies since 1975 in “The School of Uncovering the Voice”  f.ex. by Jürgen Schriefer and by Christa Waltjen. Singing therapist since 1979 in the Waldorfschool of Bochum and of Langenberg since 2000. Singing teacher in MenschMusik Hamburg since 2012. From 1986 on several workshops and singing courses worldwide. Founder, leader and teacher of the Training for Therapeutic Singing since 1999. Net:

His lecture “The Whole Human Being Listens, the Whole Human Being Sings!” about the study of man in singing has its starting point in the afterwords of Eugen Kolisko “Physiological and therapeutic” in the book of Mrs. Werbeck “The school of Uncovering the Voice”.

The theme of his deepening singing course is “In the Arising, the Transitory”. With these words Rudolf Steiner characterized the world of the Etheric.  [As singers in the School of Uncovering the Voice, we work to develop the etheric tone.] In this workshop we will explore the Singing Tone expression, which takes into consideration the constituting future as well as the formative, past given forces in affecting breathing, Tone formation, and sound pronunciation, both from an artistic and therapeutic perspective.The workshop aims to deepen the understanding of the “School of Uncovering the Voice” as “A Study of Man in Singing.”