Hans Niessen

born in Belgium, studies in social sciences in the university of Lüttich and music studies in the conservatory of Verviers in Belgium and in the Alanus-college in Germany. Singing studies by Jürgen Schriefer. Former music teacher in the Waldorfschool of Wangen (Germany), improvisation experiences with Pär Ahlbom and Manfred Bleffert, studies in therapeutic singing after Werbeck-Svärdström. 

His workshop ”About the significance of singing for children and youngsters during the school time” Hans Niessen presents in this way: “While working in the Waldorfschool in Wangen the singing became for me a central issue. It had so liberating but also inner productive significance for the children and youngsters, that I would like to work with singing and change some experiences with the participants. Which meaning has the singing in childhood and in youth? At school? Which aims do we have with it? Which impulses do we get from the study of man and from the impulse of Mrs. Werbeck? We ask: how? when? and what? Let us change some experiences and let us sing together as much as possible!”